martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse

Industrial Death / Black Metal

1.Transgression of Inhumanity
2.Adoration of Social Demise
3.Abuse You Fucking Christ
4.Calm Regained
5.The Silent Murderer
6.Scorched Earth Creed
8.Let's Fucking Rejoice
9.Filthy Criminals
10.Superior Breed
11.Totalitarian Love Pulse

lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

Massemord - Let The World Burn

Black Metal

1.Man's Death In My Eyes
2.Let The World End In Fire
3.Dance Of Red Nails
4.Glimmer Of Despair
6.A Paranoid Fuse
7.Śmierć Ludzkości

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Grimness 69 - Illheaven Hells

Death Metal / Grindcore

1.Undisputed Questions
2.Silent Mouths
3.Infernal Dancefloor
4.Heaven Never Seen
5.Drops of God Wrath
6.Postmortem Blues
9.Grimness Avenue 69
10.My Right Eye
11.Vultures Kingdom

Iperyt - No State Of Grace

Industrial Death / Black Metal

1.No State Of Grace
2.Scars Are Sexy
3.A Pocket Size of Armageddon
4.Antihuman Hate Generator
5.Blades Of Malice & Scorn
6.The Antithesis
7.Keep Your Eyes Closed
8.Into The Mouth Of Madness
9.Nuclear Mornings
10.The Player
11.In Morbid Rapture

Debauchery - Germany´s Next Death Metal

Death Metal

1.The Unbroken
2.Zombie Blitzkrieg
3.Warmachines at War
4.Animal Holocaust
5.Bloodslaughter Onslaught
6.Germany's Next Death Metal
7.School Shooter
8.Death Will Entertain
9.Armed for Apocalypse
10.Genocider Overkill
11.Killing Is Our Culture
12.School's Out (Alice Cooper cover)

Altars Of Destruction - Gallery Of Pain

Thrash Metal

1.Altars of Destruction
3.Children of Misfortune
4.Guilty Or Not
5.Cross the Line (Of No Return)
6.Heroes of the New World
7.Suicide…Are You Fucking Insane?
8.Gallery of Pain
9.Day of Judgement