domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

Prostitute Disfigurement - Left In Grisly Fashion

Brutal Death Metal

Started as a 3 piece band near the end of 2000 under the name Disfigure but changed name to Prostitute Disfigurement before releasing the album Embalmed Madness.Both Disfigure demo and Embalmed Madness album were recorded with a drum computer. Tim was then added on drums due to their increased amount of live gigs.

1. Body to Ravage
2. Freaking on the Mutilated
3. Left in Grisly Fashion
4. The Corpse Garden
5. Bluedrum Torso
6. Victims of the Absurd
7. Shotgun Horror
8. Disemboweled
9. In Death's Decay
10. Bloodlust Redemption


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