domingo, 14 de febrero de 2010

Rectal Smegma & Namek - Sexy, Drugs and Rock'n Drol & Excremental Lesbophonic Putremageddon

Que pedo, pues ahora les dejo este split de Namek y Rectal Smegma, mas o menos al estilo de Rompeprop.

Rectal Smegma
2.Bizarre Cannibalistic Lust01:37
3.Half Baked Baby Flesh01:45
4.Pile Of Rancid Bile04:06
5.Cuntgrinder Cover01:11
6.Festerfeast ft. Dente (Haemmorhage Cover)01:35
7.Fucked By A Frozen Turd01:55
8.Chocolatto Defecatto01:41
9.Excremental Analogue Putremageddon, Grindapocalypse NOW!01:36
10.Cacophony Deluxe02:47
11.Speaking About Solutions While Guaranteeing Equality (Revival Of The Sickest)01:46
12.Powerboom Rectal Blaster (Homage To The Great Persona Of Ron Jeremy)01:55
Total playing time23:49

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