domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Colaboraciones de Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)

1.- Couple Suicide - Anihilator Ft. Angela Gossow
2.- Walk in the shadow - Arch Enemy (Queensryche Cover)
3.- Midian - Amassefer Ft. Angela Gossow
4.- Symphony of Destruction - Arch Enemy (Megadeth Cover)
5.- Painted Black (Angela Gossow Vocals) - Never Ft. Angela Gossow
6.- Your Shadows Moves Faster Than Mine - World Downfall Ft. Angela Gossow
7.- The Oath - Arch Enemy (Kiss Cover)
8.- Questions Within (Angela Gossow Vocals) - Never Ft. Angela Gossow
9.- Painted Black (vocal duo) - Never Ft. Angela Gossow
10.- The Book of Heavy Metal - Arch Enemy (Dream Evil Cover)
11.- Black at Heart - Astarte Ft. Angela Gossow
12.- Opus Requiem - Rise Ft. Angela Gossow
13.- Wings of Tomorrow - Arch Enemy (Europe Cover)
14.- Tribute to Jesse Pintado - World Downfall Ft. Angela Gossow
15.- Kill With Power - Arch Enemy (Manowar Cover)
16.- Incarnated Solvent Abuse - Arch Enemy (Carcass Cover)
17.- Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version) - Doro Ft. Angela Gossow, Liv Kristine, Sabina Classen, Veronica Freeman, Floor Jansen, Girlschool

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