domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

Spermswamp - Extreme Cream


1. Intro - The Swampthing
2. Ass-Ring Lollypop
3. D.I.Y. Sexuality
4. Pussy-Market Supersales
5. The Taste Of A Crusty Punk's Cunt
6. Caninus Cunnilingus
7. Tight Lips Cunt
8. Rectal Shortcut
9. Nasty Sucker Bitches Brass Orchestra
10. Facial Cockslapping Disfigurement
11. Defleshed Pornstar
12. Morse Code Cunnilingus
13. Cataclysmic Pussy Juice Inundation
14. Outro - Cossack Fuck Fest

3 comentarios:

Chamavat'um figo dijo...

Esta é mesmo Pure Fuckin shit...
gostei do blog...
Sou fã de ded metal...

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