martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

Profane Prayer - Eye Of Sin

Black Metal

1. Prologue
2. The Widow
3. Sorrow
4. Eternal Greed
5. Pain Is Taking Shape
6. Eye of Sin
7. Under the Black Sun
8. Apocalyptic
9. Redemption

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Ana dijo...

Guy, do you know that Jesus loves you??
Do you know that when you are feeling alone, he is there just watching, waiting for you to call his name?
Did you know he is by your side now, but you can't feel him, because you don't want to?
When nobody loves you he loves you. You may have friends, but someday... they will be gone. But Jesus, oh Jesus, he is beautiful, and so graceful, and he won't let you alone.
I'm not telling you a joke, this is seriously. You may laugh, but he is not laughing. He is crying... do you know why is he crying? I will tell you why is he crying, because he loves you, and you are not near of him.
All he wants it's you.

He loves you ;)
If you wanna feel this love, open your heart, and say "Jesus", I know he will appear to you, only if you open your heart.